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he reponds if the message is clear enough…..but…maybe a bit more of something in there at the moment re nose up his bum…he been a bit tender there of late…he may be still sensitsed to it….start to touch him around there …while feeding or grooming…de-sensitise in other words…

he has always been funny about his back end, though for a good reason from last month lol.  he now is happier when i brush around the tail end and have been *cough* stoking him there when we have a cuddle. also tickling his feathers. am glad i’m doing the right thing.

the other dog really has to tell him but it hardly gets to that point as the other owner tells their dog off most of the time so i have to judge what the owner is going to do rather than the dog. even then he doesnt want to believe it.

max manages to turn round because i am not holding him down.

i approach calm dogs and likely looking owners if the situation is right. i do not go in from the front, we arc. when he starts getting overexcited, we walk away.

i’m sure theres more i do so what else can i do to help him along?

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