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i remember when he first met cubes he did the rush to put nose up bum and cubert stood and wagged tail but his hackles did come up…i hadnt seen that before and havnt seen it since…but the daft dog has no fear so he waited it through….but yep when cubes then went to sniff max max did do the spin but he turned it into a play bow….after the manic first play max did allow cubert to sniff his back end….there was reluctance but he did allow it….i guess max has learnt that he is only comfortable with a nose up bum if he has been assured that there is absolutely totally no threat etc…

am going to have a think about this….so bump this later…but i am wondering if that is the cue/reduce anxiety point….that with a dog that he has accepted having gone through the ritual as HE does…then that is the starting point to increase his confidence in the hope that the classical behaviour will turn operant…if you with me…because i do think this behaviour of his is locked at the classical stage and the medical problems he has had has not allowed the natural progression of making a choice…like suz is saying that the diva does for example….


food for thought for today then  ;D brain needed waking up a bit…will have a think ;D

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