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So she was being a good girl? Good thats what i like to hear, wonder how she got so good at all this? Just instinct maybe – cos no idea what her early background is? Though she mixed with hundreds of dogs while at the kennels with me every day – and at the salon………..

Yep remember what you said re the poodles……she has since told that dog off big time – think i told you? might of been while you were away, my fault wasnt watching and bang, she really told her – no rpoblems since though? As in no more stalking !!

She likes Fritz, she plays with him  :yes:

She is interesting to watch…….I should take more notice, id like you to see her someday…..otherday a lab type dog was trying to get her to play, by barking in her face and then when that didnt work biting her on the bum  ??? Honey just walked off..

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