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hi nick

think you know what i am going to say  🙂

but…if a dog is rejecting the food she is on but saving it for later in case hunger over takes sense (clever girl) then she is trying to a way she is self medicating/regulating…cystitis is a symptom…the tract blisters and if recurrent then scar…the acidity of the urine inflames and you get a cycle…the tissue can become infected…the cycle continues…there is a thread or 2 re this…will see if i can find them for you tomorrow…later today  🙂

go with your learning and instincts…kibble does affect some dogs this way…less fluid in the food, high protein and yep the strain on the organs ..high nitrogen being only one of the reasons… also have to do the dried food  – protien ratio conversation…i dont know the moisture content of the food she is on so can’t complete the equation but at 42 % the real ammount would be something like 50% at 27% prob 31%….

can i ask why you feed her kibble….

you know what i would do…flush system with potassium citrate…feed natural or at least wet…

hugs to the pretty one…

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