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meishelpingamiwithherdietcossheafatpig  :yes:

youneedgoingback  >:D ami

wishitdidntinvolveme  :suspious: falkor

ineedbrosebevmum  :canadian:

cubert has taught himself a set of behaviours …. >:D

he eats half of his bone……the better half i might add…he is a faster eater then ami and ami eats the thin end first leaving the better half for last….he then moves off his mat and ‘sets’ falkor with heavy grumbling…until falkor does a rumble back…that makes ami get up to protect cubert…yeah right as if the lumux needs protecting  ::) at that point cubert shoots behind her and puts his half eaten bone on her mat and nicks her better half bone…returns to his mat and acts as if he hasnt even moved ….ami does the look about…wheres my bone? and because cubes is all chilled and lying down eating she assumes falkor has it….

dont care what anyone says…dogs can do logic…..they can problem solve…anyne need proof come here at feeding time….brose would never have allowed this…she would have seen what he was up to and flattened him….. 4 times now i have taken ami’s shank off him… >:D >:D in 10 minutes…. >:D

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