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it was fresh….gressingham foods…250gm individual packs they had tapped 4 together and selling for 75p…had loads….normally £3 a pack…guess they on a trial…they had recipe leaflets and stuff by the few they had still within date…they with the venison and other game…i filled trolley  🙂 they also had loads of oxtail…guess folk are not used to eating the sort of food i got as a kid…i have to be careful with beef but ami can manage a small amount and cubes good with the tail….thats what he got in mouth in that pic i put up…got them for a £1…about 6 mid tail bits in one pack and 3 large rounds in the other

I love rabbit but OH won’t touch it ::) dogs love it, I also love oxtail, cooked it for my son when he was little as he wouldn’t touch tinned or jar food 🙂

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