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Its a puppy farm dog….. I think I will go and shoot myself  ::) why wait until she got home to look at the paperwork give me a bullet…………. Poms Rotties building in the garden………….s**t I can’t stand it is this woman thick or the walking dead does she have no alarm bells and just to add to the problem she buys a KC …with there health problems I am typeless as apposed to speachless.

All Breeders write there own pedigree’s I do mine on the computer much better than hand writing them but what she should have is a transfer paper with the pups KC registeration name DOB mum and dad’s pedigree DOB’s and health checks and I bet she never got that
Who is beginning to wonder if all this information we type up is just a waste of time

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Sorry to be a pain but i have just been down to see my friend as she rang me to let me know that she had just got a new puppy King Charles what a beautiful little thing.

There are just a few things wrong that concern me and i thought i would ask firstly she sold the pup as just Coming upto 9 weeks old and when my friend got home and looked at the Pedigree Certificate when she got it home ( thats a laugh she has done it on the computer herself and reckons its a pedigree ( alarm bells YES ) and it says the dog was born on the 09/12/2005 clearly 12 weeks old.

Also the pup along with pom’s Rotties etc were in a brick building in the garden with a huge bowl of food for them to have whenever they wanted, the dog was thin and very quiet and was outside as said in a cage poor thing.

Anyway has anyone heard of Smart Puppies or Little Rascals in the Brant Broughton area of Leicestersire/Notts area  as i was just wondering about the pedigree names for some of them.

Freemount Choice – Father
Danny Lady – Mother

Reg’s Rascals
Elcens Pride
Danny Boy
Sheepham Fancy Ribbon

I would be very grateful and i do apologise if this seems a bit hit and miss.

She is at the vets tomorrow for a full health check,

Thanks Louise

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