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if you have never got a dog before how are you supposed to know people tell you what they want you to hear and if you do not know what to look out for then what are you supposed to do.

Surely you ask someone who does know??  I don’t have a clue about cars and so I wouldn’t go and buy one without asking a friend who does or going to a main dealer!  Why oh why do people not think before they buy puppies?  ::)

By buying a puppy from this sort of place, your friend has not saved this puppy, but condemned her Mother to produce yet another litter because the pups are so easy to sell.

There are four main areas of health that must be screened before Cavaliers are bred from
a. Eye must be certified as clear by a BVA/ISDS/KC panelist
b.Heart must be certified clear
c.MRI screen for Syringohydromyelia must be clear
They should also be checked for luxating patella and anal gland problems.

Of course this puppy’s parents won’t have been checked for these so the most constructive advice that I can give is to make sure that your friend insures this puppy, ensuring that the policy gives lifetime cover.

After you with the gun Val!  :'(

PS I posted this on 8th March.

How can we spread the word?  What more can we do?

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