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Sorry Nala

I know she is a friend but she is thick if you just pump dog uk in the search on the net the first site up is this one and the second is the KC.

Rough has said it all your friends chosen breed is not the easiest to buy off a KC breeder but a puppy farmer I despair so yet another poor little KC months away from her next litter I hope you tell your friend or better still show her these mails
Puppy farmers breed their bitches EVERY season usually until they die giving birth if they don’t die giving birth and manage to stay disease free they are shot at eight if the numbers in the litter get smaller they get shot

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Thanks for the response, no my friend is not thick this is her first puppy that she has been and brought and she didn’t know what to look for etc…

She had been trying to get hold of me to go with her but i was out and so coulnd’t go.

Is there anything she should do about this or should she just leave it she has got the dog out of there and it is in a lovely family home and she is such a little sweetie but we shall see what the vets say tomorrow i suppose.

I know it is a puppy farm but lets face it if you have never got a dog before how are you supposed to know people tell you what they want you to hear and if you do not know what to look out for then what are you supposed to do.

Cheers Louise

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