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I own a 2yo hybrid (65% arctic wolf, 35% malamute), and I have been trying to search online for information on hybrids as family dogs. So far all I’ve managed to find is a bunch of websites yelling at people like me for owning a hybrid in the first place, lol. According to them, hybrids make horrible pets, even dangerous ones. Which couldnt be further from the truth about my dog. He is a great family dog, and treats my 2 kids, all kids, as if they were his. Then again, he is also a house dog, and shivers outside if the temp drops under 60, lol.
I am trying to find an informational site on dealing with training and health maintainence of a hybrid. I learned pretty quickly that techniques used on a dog absolutely do not work on my dog. If anyone knows of any websites, or even has knowledge of living with and training such an independent and different thinking dog, it would be greatly appreciated.

I may be being reaaaaaaaaaaaally thick here, but how can a dog be 65% and 35% ????


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