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I’m sorry Nala your friend must live on Mars if she doesn’t know about puppy farmers they are in the papers,all the major UK rescues warn about then they have had many programmes on the TV devoted to them even the National news has had stories about them.

You yourself said
”Also the pup along with pom’s Rotties etc were in a brick building in the garden with a huge bowl of food for them to have whenever they wanted, the dog was thin and very quiet and was outside as said in a cage poor thing.”

Is this the place to buy a puppy
Sorry I stand by what I have said it beggers belief, some folks get sucked in because they only see the puppy or an agent is selling stock from their home but this is madness to be taken on a tour and still not walk away.

Apart from anything else if you want a certain breed you at least read a book, ask a vet,chat to someone that has the breed

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