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Hi Rough

From what i gather webbed eyes is a condtion that is a clouding of the eyes and is should rectify itself before birth and on this occasion it has not and also along with that the nerves are damaged and so her eys tend to role and go boseyed so she looks quiet demon like when it does it. At the minute she can see light reactions and movements by shadows i think but the vet says it will be monitered to see if it worsens.

I may be wrong but that is how i understand it.

At the end of the day yes she has lined the breeders pocket, but she has got the poorly pup out of there, but they are going to be reported and see what happens from there i have spoken to several breeders and they have reported a lot of puppy farmers to the rspca but funnily enough they have done sweet f**k all about it so plaese tell me how you can stop it except stop buying from them and putting them out of business if even the authorities cannot be arsed to do anything about it if they want to protect the animals like they say they do.

Thanks Louise

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