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I went through a similar problem with an collegue of mine.A while ago  I had been talking to her about our plans to find a cocker spaniel, and she mentioned that she once had a westie who died, and that she would love another one. I had been in touch with KC and got loads of advice from them and so gave her the contact I used in the hope that she would research before selecting her pup, we had a really in depth conversation about puppy farming..I even said if you don t see the dam dont take the pup. The very next weekend, she saw an ad in a paper westies for sale no papers £150.00. ( dingalingaling ) she bought one. ( SIGH )

I was disgusted with her after everything we talked about her impatience to get a dog got the better of her and she bought from a puppy farm, she did nt see the dam, there were THREE different litters and no sign of any of the mothers. I could have slapped her. I gave her the talking too of a lifetime and when she DARED complain about how much the vet bill cost her when they d had her home for less than a month and the poor little thing almost died of a virus I just about exploded.

It took us MONTHS to decide what we wanted in a dog, then when we decided it took us MONTHS to plan for her, and again MONTHS to find a suitable breeder. We travelled half way across  the country TWICE  to meet with the dam and her owners and then again when the litter was 5 weeks, we selected our Milly and then left her with the breeder until she was ready to come to her new home then we made the trip again to collect her. ( sorry Im on my high horse and Im going to ride it )

My collegue was and IDIOT, lovely woman… but an IDIOT.

Nala, Im sure you love your friend dearly…but Im sorry…she an IDIOT.

I hope she learns from this and passes on what she has learnt to others. Its sad for the bitch thats going to live her life popping out pups until she s no longer useful and the B#####RD who used her to line his pockets puts a bullet in her. Its sad for every single pup he passes off to live a life with so many health problems. Its down right tragic for the pups that do get taken back, cos if they can t sell em on the cost of a bullet is too much and lets face it you can get a bucket for a pound and tap water is free ( Yes I know its not nice but it happens ) And its just bloody dispicable that IDIOTS are helping keep this DISGUSTING trade alive.

Sorry Nala, :-\  Its not an attack on you or your friend, Its just how I feel about the subject.

What can I say, Its ugly.

Wendy  >:D

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