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Nala … I didnt suggest that your friend wanted to save money. I said some people do. I think in your friends case it was exactly what Val said: Must have now!!! Otherwise she could have waited till you were back, dont you think?

And also, just because the partial sightedness has been established and wont get better (there are dogs which live happily with that mind you) doesnt mean that the vet bills end. There are going to regular health checks and, as mentioned, added problems, most likely of the genetic kind. As was pointed out, King Charles are not the healthiest of breeds by all means. And yes, not being able to get insurance will rip somebody’s purse apart if the unexpected happens. Just having a blood test, ultra scan, anaestetic and cremation cost me around £350 for Max. If there had been any point, I would have gone for surgery, which would have run into the thousands. So insurance is a valid point.

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