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interesting….but am so glad he has a new lease of life    :agree:

Oh yes i do  :yes: . Thàt day i said to my vet; ‘i am not asking to get back a young dog, i just want my 12 year old back,… more or less.’
Little did i know bwahahaha  😀

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his relationship with you, from his point of view, was/is based on work expectations and rewards such as your social appraisal being given for achieving….i would guess that the self rewards he has now discovered and the rewards the kiddies offer has counter conditioned this….

Hmmm  ::) , that might very well be what is ‘wrong’ …. He is like a kid in nurseryschool who just found out he can refuse standing in the naughty corner  :suspious: ….

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so i think there is a mix of stuff happening…i would try taking the recall with you back to basics…if he is acting like a pup then treat him like a pup  and go back to how you train a pup to recall to you when there is the distraction of kiddies etc about…but you going to have to find a huge reward or make yourself extra rewarding me thinks  :yes:

Thàt won’t be to hard i think  😀 …….. i hope  ::)  😛

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Wow… he does sound very happy, heehee…

Diane,…… he’s like a todler aaaall over again. I just hope that this time he’ll skip the teenage stage hahaha  😀 .

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