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No good news this morning  :'( we think he might of had another during the night, his eyes are going that much it makes me feel sick to look at them so god knows how he feels, hes very very wobbly, and he wet himself during the night  :'(  :'( thats never happened before 🙁

Oh no Busterboy  :'( ……. Hang in tough guy  :-* .

Suz, the wetting himself….. my Wook did that for days after he had his. All in all it took about 2 weeks. Don’t give up yet girl, just look at my boy. It is possible  😉 .

Damn, i didn’t see this until today. I am so sorry  :-\ . You were there for me with this and i was not….

I know he’s doing better now, but don’t be frightened when it just happens. My boy’s proof of that. Couldn’t even walk or sit for long. Wish the gods may be as kind to buster as they were on my Wodan.

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