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Thanks for the welcome everyone  🙂

Bev came to see us this morning and has enlightened us on a whole host of problems we hadn’t even realised the dogs had…so we’re really looking forward to getting them sorted out and happy.

Val, the other dog lives with my mum and dad down in Devon, she’s one I adopted when I was living there and they kept her when I moved out to university.  She’s a puppy farm rescue Cocker spaniel and has congenital cataracts which make her partially sighted, deformed feet and a whole host of things wrong with her.  We got her as a 4 month old pup from the local shelter.  She’s got a fab temperament and you wouldn’t ever know she’s nearly blind!

I think they feed her on a mixture of food, lots of chicken, beef and mixer.  I’m not sure exactly what she’s been treated with, will ask my sister but I know she’s had eye drops, medicated shampoo and ear drops which according to them have been working quickly.

Simba is a ‘Jamesfair’ collie.  Bev has assured us she’s not quite as grumpy as we first thought, her grumblings are her ‘noises’, you learn something new every day!

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