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Hi Bev!

will tell the parents to cut the beef out of Molly’s diet. She’s a spaniel food hoover or ‘tummy with legs to carry her to food’ as my dad calls her.  She’ll eat absolutely anything!

The skin complaint has come up recently and she likes to splosh about in bogs (they live in the Dartmoor area) and the vet thinks she has had a reaction to something icky in the water, so she’s getting hosed off when she gets home now.  She was bitten by an adder last year and has hurt herself a few times, she’s a bit accident prone, probably down to her eyesight I guess.  I will look up the ear cleaner and pass it on.

Simba is teeny tiny isn’t she, or ‘concentrated rage’ as we used to call her  ::)  She was pretty good earlier, she didn’t get into full gremlin mode (obviously knew not to do it in front of you!)

I’m feeling sad about poor Oscar and what you’ve said about him,  but onwards and upwards and no more smackings will come his way  ever again, that’s in his past  🙂

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