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I didn’t notice that Bev, poor boy must be so scared.

Jack had him out in the garden after you left, playing fetch with him and he seems to be learning ‘drop it’ which is encouraging, though it’s far from perfect.  he did something a bit odd with a chew we gave him, he took it outside with his tail between his legs, checked to see if anyone was behind him then started playbowing at the chew and then rolling on the grass next to it…. did that for a minute or so before he actually ate it.  He saw Simba scoffing hers, so maybe that’s why he actually did eat it?

Another encouraging sign, when I went home for lunch I gave them both a cuddle (waited until he wasn’t being anxious though!) and then they both settled, totally relaxed at my feet with their paws touching.  Considering that yesterday she snapped at him every time he came near her, this is progress.  ;D

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