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we have been here mudgie really we have…and i know you and i know you going to be upset by this so hugs…but…

how many times and in how many posts have i said dogs get energy from fats…instant energy… i have said over and over that if i am working mine or they up for a hard day even tho i feed flexitime ….on those days they get the raw mutton 30/45 mins prior and during…there is a vid or pics that xtine did of me giving babyboyo mutton on a walk….
they bred to work…they can do long hours with breaks ….but no matter how fit they are they need stamina and energy boosts…that needs input…

he happiest out with bike for sure…but he doesnt know his limits…sometimes hun…we have to protect the high drive dogs from themsleves….
u know where i am x

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