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okay – uphill is 3 miles (he walks this beside me as I go too slow for any other), at top 2 miles on flat he trots along beside me, downhill on way back 3 miles.

I get the idea that he needs more stuff for stamina so will look at that.  He doesnt just get this exercise he gets other stuff too but not on same day so am not just working same muscles.  He does agility and swimming twice a week too and free running with other doggies.  

and as an afterthought – I ask on this board for advice because I am unsure of stuff and want to do the best for my dog – also I think it is good to share so that inexperience can result in knowledge not only for myself but for others in same or similar situations who are reading the posts.  Thankful now that I posted cos if I was predisposing my dog to injury on purpose that would really make me a crap owner. Thanks for the advice will take it onboard even the shouting bits  ::) 

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