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Just a quicky update…

Last saturday was the last day of pills for Rhodi. But we found his coughing increasing now that he’s off meds; he’s OK now, but he has a slight wheeze again after all the coughing of course.
The cough sounds a bit different; it’s a deeper cough, not the typical cough that’s known for KC.

Today, he often coughed a way softer cough that didn’t seem to come out of his toes like the others do.

Do you guys think I should call the vet to ask what to do? Or do you all say; let his immune system deal with it a little longer?

UPDATE: I called the vet after hearing Rhodi cough through the night for the third time. It’s simply not getting better… it even got worse again. He got new medicine for 10 days. He needs to improve by next monday. If not, we have to go on with the cure for 20 days.

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