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Oh dear, I thought Dentisticks were harmless, they’re one of the few things Simba can have without getting poorly – so just assumed Oscar would be ok with them too.

They’re real pigs ears, well I got them from pets at home so probably not ‘fresh’ real.. dogs trust told me to get them for him.  Simba’s Sea Jerky is fab stuff, it’s great for the coat etc but she went off it so I have a bag of that he can have.  Smelly though!

I’m not averse to feeding them meat, it is my decision to be veggie not theirs, but i’m not sold on the idea of BARF diets, bones would make me feel a bit  :vomit:

I’m happy to get him a good quality food like Naturediet etc, if the Arden Grange/Oscars isn’t up to scratch for him.  I want him to be healthy!

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