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I’ve just read this with interest, I honestly had no idea that ‘balls in a bag’ were all that bad  ???

I feed my dogs one of the supposed ‘better quality’ kibbles, Simba has Oscars Ultracare hypoallergenic stuff (she has suspected IBD and gets sick/colitis on red meat proteins, pork and some other things).  Oscar was sent home from DT with a little bag of Arden Grange, which I thought was also good.

I did loads of research when Simba got poorly and the vet approved of the Oscars diet, so I thought I was being a good dog owner feeding them that.

Bev has mentioned to me that it would benefit Oscar to get him onto a raw diet, but I think that we’ll have to be phased off ‘convenience’ foods slowly… as she knows, i’m a veggie and although I will not deny my dogs meat, the idea of bits of flesh/bones around the place really does not appeal to me  :scared:

Having said that… I spoke to my dad about it and he has told me that the Pyrenean mountain dogs we had when I was a kid couldn’t stomach commercial dog food, and that he used to stock up at the knacker’s yard with things for the freezer and as he used to shoot too, he’d throw them rabbits and pheasants.  They lived to be between 12 and 14 so I guess that’s actually a grand old age for a giant breed, maybe diet did that?

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