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Diesel I know your busy its ok  :-* how is Wodan? The wetting himself was not nice,we have been here before 3 times and thats never happened, was worrying to say the least.

Wodan is doing goodgood  :-* .
The wetting himself…… no it’s not nice and is scary. Specially because Wodan knew it was happening… after he felt getting wet. But by the end of day 3 he did get up a few times to pee. So i had hopes from the first time i saw him get up to take a pee.
He still did it if he slept for a while and woke up. But the start was there so i hoped that would improve too. And it did.
It was as if his mind was not fast enough to get up but his body said ‘now’. All in all it took over a week. Befor it was back to being ‘dry’ again. And it took even up to 3 weeks until he was able to stay dry all night. But it happend never the less  😉 .

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