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i gave stan a bannana the other days and he gave me such a dirty look as if to say ‘you expect me to eat that soft goopy thing’ anyway he took and andproptly spat it out onto his rug and left it there so i chucked it in with his dinner and he ate it. the next day i gave him another narna and he spat that out on the rug aswell but 10 mins later he had eaten it 😀 fussy strange dog lol

ok he is now on:
oats mixed with yoghurt and chappie (brecky)
normal bikkies for dinner
narna during the day
this is at the moment but will be changing

he upchucked this morning but i think it might have been because i mixed the yoghurt with his bikkies :-[ so will see how he is tomorrow.

do you think it would be worth giving him the chappie and oats in the morning then a narna with the yoghurt in the afternoon and then his normal bikkies at night, baring in mind that this is just temporary until he is switched to his new diet?

also i bought a whole load of chickens today from tescos because they were only £2 each ;D my 6ft and 3ft freezer are now both officially full and i still need to fit the bones in lol

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