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i was wondering if his immune system had been compromised by any recent vacs…you said he had had it before and yes dogs can get it again after 6 to 12 months but the second attack is usually less severe as the immune system does retain some fight against it and it does seem that he isnt fighting it well…there is no cure for KC just as there is no cure for the common cold…the antibiotics are not for treating the viral KC …if anti biotics are prescribed it is generally to help prevent it turning to pneumonia but the problem is the more anti bi’s the more they wont work next time around…KC can be a combination of a viral and bacterial attack…..what can happen is an initial invasion of viral pathogens starts things off …thus making the bacteria attack easier…canine adenovirus and the bordetella then irritate the respiratory system….the bronchiseptica bacteria attach to the respiratory cilia which causes the problems in the respiratory system….the bacteria…being sneaky wee things… secrete a substance that decreases the natural immune response …thus they live longer

if he was mine i would be boosting his immune system and would also probably be giving a natural form of anti biotic…i use vit e and selenium as an immune boost and olive green leaf as a natural anti biotic..
think i might also consider using nosodes too once he fully recovered…..

get well soon lado…you still causing mum lots of worry….

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