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Ohhh thank you, this cleared so much up!! I like to know how this all exactly works…

I have a bit of a feeling that he has caught bronchitis… After the last KC (which was, as told, nothing but a few bad coughs and that was it), he got bronchitis afterwards as well….

It seems Rhodi is extremely sensitive when it comes to the respiratory system….

I agree… too many of those pills wouldn’t solve the problem. It’s such a dillema. On the other hand, I don’t dare to stop giving them at this point, after seeing what happend last time.  :-\

Vitamine E… Selenium,.. olive green leaf… nosodes… I’ll try to see what the last two are in Dutch. At this point, I’m really willing to give him anything…

Thanks so much once again!!  :-* You’re a lifesaver!

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