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lol, maybe we’ll need to get door knobs then!  We have door knobs downstairs but handles upstairs.  I’m leaving him stuffed Kongs and things and he seems ok to be left when we go out to work, it’s when we take Simba out for a walk without him that he loses the plot and starts barking his head off.

He barks at a lot while we’re in the house, so i’m worried about upsetting the neighbours when we’re out and i’m trying to put as much space between them and his barking as possible.

Dogs Trust told us he doesn’t bark when left….or at all.  He’s DEFINITELY a barker  ::)

They also told us he had been let off the lead though, and his recall is non-existent so back to basics.

Bev has instructed us to walk them seperately for the time being as being with Simba makes Oscar pull more on his lead and generally lose focus.  He’s far better when I take him out on his own, hopefully they can start going out together soon though, i’m itching to take him on the nice long walks we give Simba and get rid of some of his energy.  All in good time though I guess, hopefully when Bev is done with us i’ll have 2 very lovely dogs to walk/live with 🙂

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