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thanks everyone….it strange, or maybe not …for all we always thought how is was the bottom of the pack….never pushy until the others had been fussed fed greeted played with bedded etc and how thay just accepted he was just…welll ….’here’…the loss of his presence has enormously impacted on the household…ted is clearly depressed this morning, ami is very very subdued and cubert has been looking for him for the last hour, in and out the house, up and down the garden trying to scent him…they all went into the garden when the vets came…(bless them, 2 came) ….and the dogs were barking…falkor wowwowed and they all went quiet….after they had gone and taken him they all came in …lay right down and went to sleep…didnt even look for him…just stayed very quiet for the rest of the evening…and ami, who has been his bed mate since holliesocks went over the bridge…didnt go running to bed when i said it was bedtime…she lay on the sofa all night…

it was liver failure…though the cancer had progressed to his lungs….

thanks again for all the messages  :-* we a miserable bunch this morning  :'( :'(

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