Re: dog food


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The one thing we do not need in this nanny state is yet another law.
The things I have seen in my lifetime are beyond the pale in dogs and food is way down the list, I too hate fat dogs and balls in the bag but at the end of the day the dog is the owners property
Not only that…. If it would become a law than a lot of people that have no knowledge of when a dog’s to fat….. or even know what the backend and front is of a dog, will have a ‘magic’ finger to point at dogs that they find to fat.

That happend to me once. My Tarco…….. A beau-ti-ful well build boy who was very well endowed with ‘paws and ears’ as we say. One bystander who was surrounded by his friends could not resist yelling at me that i mistreated him by feeding him so fat and called him the very most ugly toy poodle he had e-ver seen  >:( ……… my Tarco (than)was a beautiful well build about 3 month old BOUVIER DE FLANDRE…… understand my point?  😉

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