Re: dog food


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The one thing we do not need in this nanny state is yet another law.
The things I have seen in my lifetime are beyond the pale in dogs and food is way down the list, I too hate fat dogs and balls in the bag but at the end of the day the dog is the owners property
[/quote]if docking tails can be stopped what about a warning on the dog food it self my dobermann is my fourth dog yes i paid money for him but i would never call him my property and i think it is time that all animals had a better life when they live with us a dog can not say help being fat is awful if it takes a law so be it  it is time owners stopped thinking that any animal is property  and by balls in the bag do you mean entire dogs mine has his balls he was born with them and he cross the rainbow bridge with them just because hes mine does not give me the right to cut bits off him

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