Re: dog food


They brought a law in banning pitbulls, making spaying and neutering the law for the breed.
By now they should of all died out have they??????
If you looked further than yourself and your dog you must have noticed all the laws that have come in with the welfare act.thats another utter shambles as well, Laws will not help maybe education but some people are so thick they can’t see the nose on their own face.
We have endless Laws that are not carried out because they are not thought out by the people that know the subject IMO I know a fair amount about dogs and as long as we have the RSPCA at the helm of animal welfare it will never improve.
When I was young we never saw a fat dog…… the reason they were fed table craps and bones there was no such thing as balls in bags being sold as dog food, we never had a poo problem as it blew away in the wind we did have a lot of loose dogs none of them biting a child while out on it’s own for a daily trot, somethings have changed for the better but trust me the life of some dogs has not, dog licences are another thing that was the law they worked as well as a chocolate tea pot, I could sit here and write a book on the difference between then and now persoally I think I prefered then to now.
And another point if you don’t own your dog who the hell does?????
PS Diesel I know what you mean the times people say to me ”Your dogs are skinny” excuse me they are a working breed and could not run all day carrying spare lard

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