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Nacho is my dog.  I am his owner.  Therefore I own him.  Therefore he is my property  ;D 
Here here!

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yes i paid money for him but i would never call him my property….. it is time owners stopped thinking that any animal is property 

Why Farrokh? Why for you, does the word ‘property’ or ‘to own’ stand equal to ‘i am able to mistreat it’  or have such a bad taste to you?  I find it stands for ‘will always take care of it without any limit’.
I find this puzzling, why loads of pro-animalrights fighters find the words ‘to own’ so … evil-like.

Yes, i own my boys, my lifestock, my kids and my wife.
For some i have payed money, some make me able to provide the others with money, and some……. (the 4 legged and 2 legged human-ones)…… they own me too and cost me money  😛 .

I don’t understand why owning something living hàs to be bad. 
Weddingnote, pedigree, birdring with my number on it…..  I wanted it so  i take care of it and am responcible for it. It all the same to me.

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