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The vet is wrong Spaniels do not have weak joints bad breeding makes them weak, these are the cart horses of the gun world if you like, if they had bad joints they could not take the long wet days in the field that is the normal working day of any spaniel I have groomed thousands of gunners and they are a hardy lot, but have to say I am shocked to read that two litter brother have both broken their legs I would most certainly be looking at the breeding of these lads these dogs are not toys they are robust hardy working dogs
Hope he makes a full recovery will be interested in what he has in his stomach

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Oh no! Did Teddy break his leg also? I must contact Sarah.

The vet said that Spaniels tend to have weak joints? he might have weak joints but he’s a tough little cookie… either that or he was putting it on in front of mum  😉

Fingers crossed for the rascal anyway. Thanks for all your well wishes… Its calmed me down a bit!!!! many a tear this morning!!!!  :-[ xx

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