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Sorry if my post comes out a bit rambled i’m stressing out a bit today.

Just had a mail from the Surgeon to tell me that he has done some more bloods and discovered that his Thyroid levels are really low and that he is starting him on a Thyroid Suplement today. He said he may have canine hypothyroidism which im just about to google.

It does seem strange that his brother had the same break.

How did he do it… This is the ridiculous part. Of all the crazy things the mad boy does, he was chasing his ball and fell on his front. It was dark (ish) so i didnt see exactly how he fell but it looked like he fell on his chest and his leg went out to the side. To be honest all i could think about was his cries, it was the most horrific thing ever. I saw him fall and just thought here he goes clumsy boy up you get. It did not look like the sort of fall that would cause a break, or any injury. So im pretty shocked that it ended in him breaking his leg.

I’m just about to call the vets now. He planned to operate on him today but was concerned about his potassium levels and Urea levels and obviously these patches he can see in his stomach. And now this Thyroid problem,

Come on Doug…  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Thanks for the well wishes xxx

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