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Thanks everyone for the reassurance and thanks Sarah it was nice to talk to you last night.  😉 x

Been there most of the day today. Surgery wasnt done today but he is scheduled in for 9am tomorrow morning. I was naturally getting a bit aggitated because the boy has not had the op and the last thing i want is him in pain, which obviously i know he is, despite pain relief. But he run some more tests today which showed his Thyroid was now ‘normal’ and he seems way more confident than he did yesterday. He kept saying yesterday that he was concerned about losing him under anesthetic which was frightening the life out of me to be honest.

Ok… so tomorrow it is. I saw him today and he looks in good spirits. Much much more so than when we took him there yesterday. Even managed a wee on the floor…  :ok:

He said it will take about 5 hours and he has an 80% chance…so i just have to hope and pray he comes through.

I’ll keep you posted

I feel petrified!

Dougsmum xx

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