Re: dog food


I am always curious why people do not want to say that their dog is their property?!

My house is my property, I bought and paid for it and if anything happens to it I am responsible for it.

The same applies to my dog.

I find all these phrases such as my “furbaby”, or “I am owned by” etc etc complete twaddle.

The fact is that my dog was advertised for sale, it had a cost price, I purchased him, I have a receipt, I am listed as his owner in the Breed Supplement, therefore he is my property.

End of.

There is a national speed limit on all roads and for various types of vehicle; is it universally followed?  No.

I could go on and on and on…………….. :agree:

And you DO have the right to cut bits off your animal if it means that he/she, other dogs, animals and people would be better off without them!  :ok:

You may prefer not to spay or castrate, that is your personal decision; it is up to all of us as individuals to do the best for our dogs in our own particular circumstances.

What is right for one, is not necessarily universally so.

I agree with Val, I do not NEED any LAWS to tell me how to look after my animals/property properly!

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