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Thanks S&Diva and Val.

It has been cofirmed today that Fugley does have degenerative disc disease in all of her verterbrae. When I took her in, when she was in crisis, last wednesday, three of her discs had protuded, causing her to be in an immense amount of pain. In addition to the discs she also has some unusual hardening and inflation of the nerve endings in two sites, one of which, unfortunately, was touching and facing increased pressure from one of the protusion sites.

Fugley is a little old lady, even I don’t live in a fantasy, she is sixteen (seventeen in December), had a wicked (unusal – given that she is an angel!) life, and I just intend to make what short time she has left as comfortable as possible.

The good thing about MRI scans is that they can give you an incredible amount of information about the patients anatomy, the down side is, I now know all the things that are going wrong in her body (and beleive me, there are plenty), but really, aside from giving her her meds and keeping her comfortable, there is not much more I want to focus on right now. People have dogs that get old all the time, not everybody needs to know everything. Although I do feel empowered with the information, I feel that if I let it, it could cloud my last few weeks/months with my dog.

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