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Thank you!

He’s a lover-ly boy…doesn’t feel like i’ve only had him 2 weeks, he’s definitely made himself at home.

He didn’t like getting in the car initially, nor going out of the front door and would refuse to budge.. but it hasn’t taken him long to suss that car rides = walkies and now he’s raring to go as soon as I get the lead out, jumps straight into the car like a good boy  ;D

Simba has even started running around a bit more with him, rather than her usual plod plod plod on walks (she’s one RUBBISH collie!).  Problem is, that she gets bored after a while and although he’s still deliriously sprinting after tennis balls she will decide it’s time to go home and go sit by the gate of the field and look sulky until we go home.  Proper weirdo is our Simba  ::)

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