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Thanks everyone…

It seems i’m back down to earth with a bump today. I spoke with the Surgeon who said that the prognosis is still 80/20. He said he still has concerns about his recovery and it’s a long road ahead. I knew that it wouldn’t be a straight forward op and then up on his paws again but i guess i’m a bit  🙁 about it. I honestly thought he was over the worst part of it, and we could now be a little bit more positive about his recovery. Maybe it’s just the way they word things… he mentioned the risk of infection and obviously doing the same thing again to his leg and busting the pins out. He said that we need to take every day as it comes and just look for any signs that he is returning to normal, appetite, bloods, mobility etc…

I went to the step that he broke his leg on last night and was pleased i didn’t have a hammer as i most likely would have swung for it.  :'(

Sarah did you hear the same kind of thing from Teddies Surgeon? I’m prepared for the long road i just need to get as much info as i can to set me up for it.

Come on Doug… xxx

Ok so lets try and update these Xrays

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