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I’m really pleased he pulled through ok!!  ;D

If you’ve got the pic uploaded onto a site like Photobucket, you can usually resize it by pixels, just go into ‘edit’ and resize is an option  🙂

Try not to worry too much about your boy (I know it’s hard), the vets have to manage your expectations and warn you of the ‘what ifs’.  Stay positive and he’ll get better with your love and attention.

It’s hard not to over-worry when an accident like this happens, my family cocker got bitten by a snake and nearly died last year…still churns all our stomachs letting her run loose on the moors where it happened, but you have to let them live and accidents happen.

Simba has a pin in her leg and it doesn’t stop her doing anything at all now it’s all healed up. She was quite delicate on it when we first got her but since we’ve built her muscles and strength up she doesn’t show any signs of it slowing her down.

I’m no expert so i’m sure you’ll get proper help from the others, but i’m average joe with a doggy with a metal supported leggy so you’re not alone!  

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