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Sarah Jane

Yes Jayne same as Teddie….as i said on the phone the surgery is only one past of the bumpy ride.its still early days yet…they told us there was a chance he would get an infection too or maybe reject or have a reaction to the plates and pins ect…..The most important thing for us was to get that elbow moving so it didn’t cease up altogether i use to move massage his let to get the swelling down and to get the blood circulating…..Teddie was very unwell after him surgery and was in the vets for nearly a week after his opp….he was completely paralyzed afterwards for what seemed like forever…..i have movie clips of him bless so sad to see him like that
Jayne you just have to be careful follow the vets advise and pray he will be ok,keep positive i know you 2nd guess yourself all the time but it is all  a long way off yet
opp out the way ,now you have infection to get through and possible rejection of the plates,after that you have movement keep the joint moving so it doesn’t limit him use of his leg i was paranoid about this and used to do physio a good few times a day …with massage to make sure his circulation was ok
after that just pray there isn’t permanent nerve damage….to be paralyzed scared me to death but it came back eventually i must put some clips up of Teddie so you can see what he’s like now
Am pleased for you Jayne but its going to be a long time before he’s anywhere near the dog he used to be chin up you will get through it together

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