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i am working up to the bones every day but dont want to overload his system.

oh Bev i went to see those fetilizing/ glue making butchers today ๐Ÿ˜€ urm yes was not impressed by the ‘butcher’. this is what happened:
me: im after some bone
butcher: what sort of bones?
me: bones for my dog.
butcher: oh i thought you were after bones for stock or something.
me: no im just wanting some bones for my dog
butcher: ok we have some marrow bones in the freezer. how big is your dog?
me: hes a big dog but do you have any non weight baring bones?
butcher: non weight baring?
me: yes
butchers: what do you mean by non wieght baring?
me: like ribs, spine ect
butcher: oh ok, we dont have any here but i can try and get some for you for next week.

so im going to go back next week to get some, but was rather surprised that a butcher didnt know what i ment by non weight baring :-\

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