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Thanks Melinda – it’s good to hear your your Simba is doing well after surgery. Sorry to hear of the snake bite, that is scary!

I’d love to take Doug out to the desert here for long runs (well before his break)  but there are Scorpions out here so it always seems to put me off!!!  :nono:

Thanks for that Sarah… He looked so sorry for himself yesterday i just felt really sad for him all of a sudden. He’s usually such a boisterous little lad, doing the whole sofa jumping thing… i feel like i’m going to have to stop him from having fun. But.. it is what it is hey. I’ll just have to concentrate on getting him back to full health and hoping he isnt in any pain with it.

It would be great to see some clips of Teddie. He is so so similar to Doug they definately look like brothers!  :yes:

Hopefully going to speak to the vet soon when he comes in. Hopefully the boy is doing good today.

Can’t wait to give him big kisses and hugs  :-* x

Ah yes before i forget…

Bev…  🙂 i was speaking to the surgeon about Clumber Spaniels and about them having a lower T4 than the average dog. (I didnt actually know this but according to you girls this is correct right?) He was pretty interested to know more as he wasn’t aware of this. Again like Dougs usual vet in Dubai he hadnt seen a Clumber before. He’s asked me to send him any info on this as he seems pretty keen to find out more. Thought this was a good sign. He’s actually asked me twice now. Is there anything on the net which i can send to him? he also keeps asking me if Doug is usually like this… is he always this tired etc… i told him he is and again he seemed pretty surprised. It would be great to send him some info on them so he has a bit more knowledge. Thanks loads.

J x

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