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Sarah Jane

Hi Jayne
teddie is back to his mad self jumping on and off sofas with no problem we do TRY to calm him down but he just loves life to the max  :clown: clown that he is…
so i see no reason why your Doug won’t be the same in a few months time….they do seem to get worse before they get better and i did feel the same way when i used to look at Ted its hard to watch them going through it but they do come out the other side just taken time and lots of care
i will post some clips when i get my computer up again dam thing crashed and in the shop for repairs…manages to save my pictures thank doG …but i might need to buy a new tower when thats all done i will post some clips i promise
am sat in my daughter bedroom on her PC haha this internet cafe’s rubish were’s my cuppa tea  :boooo:
Anyway give Doug a big kiss for us and fingers crossed for a happy ending xx

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