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I would not worry about it, I have known plenty of high scoring dogs who have had no symptoms of HD and several low scoring ones (inc 0:0) that moved like cripples and had early onset joint issues.

If the dog is high scoring obviously you would not stud him but then again whether or not he would be used would be down to bitch owners who have plenty of studs to choose from; the GSD world is not exactly short of males with low hip and elbow scores, clear eyes and normal bloods that have done well in the show ring and/or the working scene.

I have never had any of my dogs hip scored apart from my GSD as I had no intention of breeding from them.

It is not always wise to put too much faith in what vets say as at the end of the day their opinion is irrelevant, it is the panel that has the last word!

All you can do is sit back and wait.

Even if he has a high score that should not prevent you doing anything you like with the dog unless of course he shows symptoms.

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