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It was what I was thinking as I was typing silly me  ::) I hope Dylan brings you much happiness.
I have a client down here that has an OE boy he has OCD came to me from a vet in Surrey four yrs ago so his owner travels up and down to get him clipped he’s the last of my OE getting too old for big dogs these day.
They brought a yorkie last year to keep him company as he got on so well with my pekes they adore each other they look like the right odd couple going down the drive to go home

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Hi Val, 
Never even contacted the breeder, realised they were a puppy farm. The OES rescue have had quite a few come through them from the particular breeder we had buster from.  😮

We know he has gone to a good home this way and someone who has had OES dogs before. If we had know we would have had one from them as a rescue, instread of the pup’s but Dylan is still a god send at this time. He helps with the hurt of having to part with Buster. :'(

We had lost a OES last August and a CollieX in april. they were a new start but we will do our best by Dylan now

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