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well we are slowly getting there, after weeks of my regular butcher telling me that the bones havent come i went to another butchers and got a few bones.
stan is now haveing bones for brekky every few days, yoghurt with oats inbetween brekky and lunch and then bikkies for dinner.
i will be trying to introduce meats for dinner soon, hopefully with the help of Bev if she is about??
touch wood, fingers crossed etc we havent had any tummy problems so hopefully im getting it right this time ;D

there is one thing though, ive noticed that Stan has lost some weight since trying to get him onto his new diet, should i be conserned about this or is it just because hes having a change over? also this will probly sound stupid but what puts weight on dogs? is it food in general or specific things like fats or things? and should i feed him more biscuites at night to get his weight back up?

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