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i wouldnt board mine unless i had absolutely no choice at all.  wherever i go … they go too (unless its just for a couple of hours then they stop at home).

in a proper emergency, if bev or my parents or my old dogwalker couldnt take them / house-sit then i would probably ask Anna (dogloverwooo) if she was free as she lives close to me, failing that if they had to be kennelled I would ask one of the local rescue kennels as my top priority would that i trust the people there to keep them secure/safe and seek vet treatment if nessesary.  i wouldnt expect them to do any more than for the rescues as they’re busy enough – just clean, feed and a quick zoom round 😉

i cant remember exactly where you live but are the “hands on paws” ladies anywhere near you ?  i would try for a house-sitter if poss. it actually worked out similar to some local kennels round here last time i compared !!!

claire x

p.s. surely you are not going away already !!!  you supermum you 😉

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